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E Clampus Vitus Markers of Southern Oregon and Northern California

*Blog updated 12/24/17* If you are a fan of historical markers and haveĀ traveled throughout the West Coast, particularly in Oregon, California and Nevada, you may have noticed some of them were monumented by an organization under the nameĀ ‘E Clampus Vitus,’ more formerly known as… Continue Reading “E Clampus Vitus Markers of Southern Oregon and Northern California”

Klamath County Historical Markers

As a lifetime resident of Klamath County (City of Klamath Falls to be exact) I’ve taken a newfound interest in the local history in recent years, much thanks to a labor-intensive hobby of mine via Waymarking.com. What is Waymarking you might ask? It’s a… Continue Reading “Klamath County Historical Markers”